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Fairyland – Score To A New Beginning

Fairyland is not a gay theme park, thank you very much. It’s the adventurous output of epic fantasy metal, now solely mustering in the hands of the French symphonic master Philippe Giordana. Rising to his feet as the only surviving warrior of 2006’s solid Fall of an Empire album, raped of all but his keyboard and a blank musical manuscript, Giordana has boldly marched on, recruiting a glorious battalion of mercenary voices and instrumentalists to help him on to his finest hour yet.

This impressive composition could give even the mightiest film scorer a run for their money. The impulsive underlying speed of “Across the Endless Sea (Part II)” and “Assault on the Shore” mixed with the travelling tempos of tracks like “Master of the Waves” rarely give up, adding movement to the images of a fantasy world created by the choral grandeur and symphonic vistas. Choruses never fail to deliver emotion and every audio layer can be identified and experienced; filling the sound and playing its part.

As a whol [Continue reading on Metal Review]

Written by: Ross Main

© 2008 Metal Review

Obituary – Darkest Day

2009 marks two decades since five kids from Tampa called Xecutionerchanged their name to Obituary and unleashed a musical horror called Slowly We Rot. With Slowly We Rot, Obituary established a unique voice in death metal that to this day has proven inimitable. Obituary’s sound is metal stripped to its bare elements: Single notes and power chords are the band’s only melodic tools; no harmonies, no arpeggios, nary a hint of vibrato, not even a bent note (guitar solos excluded). The fruit of this Spartan songcraft is a sound that is brutally simple and devastatingly heavy, denuded of any compositional window dressing; Obituary is able to drive each note home with tectonic force. In the twenty years since its release, Obituary has strayed very little from the blueprint laid down on Slowly We Rot. While I have heard many fans both laud and decry the various albums in the band’s catalog, to my ears they have remained one of the most consistent bands in all of metal. Certainly, each album [Continue reading on Metal Review]

Written by: Jeremy Morse

© 2008 Metal Review

Goatwhore – Carving Out The Eyes Of God

Goatwhore has made quite the name for themselves in the last few years. I picked up on these guys around the days of Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun, running across them as they toured incessantly. (Back then, I’d see their name on the fliers for Nashville shows about four times a year, it seemed. My initial reaction still stands: “Goatwhore” is one of the best band names I’ve run across in a decade or longer—or maybe ever.) After releasing two records on indie label Rotten Records, these Nola-sludge all-stars signed a bigger deal with Metal Blade and dropped the staggering blast of A Haunting Curse in 2006. The combination of their road-honed tightness, first-class songwriting and a stout-as-fuck Erik Rutan production made Curse one of my top-played records that year and one that still sees frequent spins in my house. So it’s safe to say that I’ve been looking forward to Carving Out The Eyes Of God

…and I’m happy to report that it’s not a let-down in the slightes [Continue reading on Metal Review]

Written by: Jeremy Witt

© 2008 Metal Review

Havohej – Kembatinan Premaster

Black metal


Corpse paint

Forests at night


Inverted crosses

“One of these things is not like the other.” Unless, of course, we’re speaking of New York’s Profanatica: one of the prime suspects in terms of influential, utterly primordial black metal stripped of all bells and whistles (that’s whistles, friends, not skin flutes), and a band that was unapologetically unafraid to let their rigs dangle for an infamous band photo. Those unfamiliar with what I’m referring to can put their unfiltered image search engines to use while the rest of us attempt to purge once again and move on.

Penicular photo aside, what really made Profanatica stand out was their utterly barbarous take on vomitous, anti-Christ black metal. Boy-oh-boy, did those dudes hate Jesus Christ. They hated him so much they had to indulge in other profane projects just to help alleviate the extreme load of blasphemous obscenities in their collective quivers. One of those endeavors includedHavohej

Written by: Michael Wuensch

© 2008 Metal Review

Týr – By The Light Of The Northern Star

This is my first experience with T�r, an outfit who’s garnered an unusual amount of popularity given their remote origins and their familiar guitar-playing-Viking shtick. I was interested in finding out what it was about this band that spoke to so many people, and upon hearing By The Light of the Northern Star, it’s easy to figure out. T�rhave an obvious talent for writing irresistibly fun, accessible metal songs (as evidenced by their impressive sales in many European countries), and are able to fuse pop sensibilities to their brand of triumphant heavy metal in a more impressive fashion then many of the more commercial bands out there playing a similar style.

I’ll admit right off the bat that I had a blast with By The Light of the Northern Star on my first couple of listens. T�r’s epic, melodic guitar work borrows heavily from the traditional end of the metal spectrum with top-notch results; the spirited riffs in “Hold The Heathen Hammer High” and “Into The Storm&rd [Continue reading on Metal Review]

Written by: Chris McDonald

© 2008 Metal Review

Face Of Ruin – Self Titled

[RapidFire]Hailing from Wisconsin, Face of Ruin, ply a pretty competent if rough around the edges style of modern American death metal on their four song self released demo- that’s to say it could be construed as technical death metal, deathcore or heavy metalcore, depending on your ear or personal preferences.

All four players are individually skilled, though as an outfit they could be a bit tighter. They play with a sort of classic technical death metal (Death, Atheist, etc) progressive influence pulsing underneath the modern exterior and the tech aspect is looser and more jangly and melodic rather than being for the throat overkill a la Beneath the Massacre or Origin. Also to their credit, there’s no breakdowns as such, just 15 minutes, four songs of well done technical metal. The third track “Bound Driven to the Altar” is the best of the bunch especially the guitar work just before the 2 minute mark and subsequent blast beat.

Closing track, “Extinction’s Birth” is a close second being the demo& [Continue reading on Metal Review]

Written by: Erik Thomas

© 2008 Metal Review

Necrophobic – Death To All

Necrophobic have gotten kind of a raw deal over the years. Though this Stockholm death/black unit formed way the fuck back in 1989—concurrently with Dissection and before Immortal, Emperor, Naglfar,Enslaved and countless others—they’ve spent their long career languishing in relative obscurity. And not for lack of trying, either.Necrophobic are about as reliable as metal bands get; they’ve been ferociously pursuing more or less the same beefed-up BM sound since their inception (albeit with gradually less death metal influence over the years). Their example goes to show that preemption isn’t a guarantor of popularity, even in the authenticity-obsessed world of black metal.

Though I suspect that Necrophobic doesn’t care all that much about drawing in hordes of new fans. Death to All marks the band’s seventh studio foray, and it’s frankly more of the same from these lifers. “Celebration of the Goat” kicks off eight fairly compositions laden with s [Continue reading on Metal Review]

Written by: Doug Moore

© 2008 Metal Review

Minsk – With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone

Shimmer, and shine. Lengthen, and volumize. Target, and utterly destroy: these are the blueprints for the basic Neur-Isis sound that has birthed dozens of ebb and flow enthusiasts of various musical persuasions. Chicago/Peoria, Illinois area doomsters Minsk is among the heaviest of these bands, as well as one of the more eclectic in sonic personality, but this new�landscape has taken a turn for something that may require a bit more listening in order to fully grasp this time around on With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone. Not so much in aesthetic, nor progression, but in structure, and when it suddenly dawns upon you what the change is that Minsk has undertaken, the subtle shift becomes very clear.

They’ve�written an entire album full of great songs, and not just an hour of great music.

The Ritual Fires Of Abandonment was a brilliant example of flow, while still making each track stand out from each other, yet the connective thread was never really severed throughout. The same can be said of their debut O [Continue reading on Metal Review]

Written by: Jim Brandon

© 2008 Metal Review

Ripper Owens – Play My Game

I like Ripper Owens, and I do so despite that I, like everyone else, was introduced to him when he emerged from obscurity to sing on the two worst Judas Priest records. I don’t know Owens, of course, and in truth, I’ve only read a few interviews with him, but he seems like a decent enough fellow, just a lucky Midwestern metalhead who came out of nowhere to front one of the biggest bands in metal history and then get fired and then front another semi-legendary band and then get fired… For the record, I still like him even though he fronts Yngwie Malmsteen’s latest incarnation of neo-classical wankery. Hell, I like him more than I tend to like Iced Earth, with or without him. I skipped the Beyond Fear record, I’ll admit, and I haven’t heard any of his other myriad efforts, and so here I am with Play My Game in hand.

The list of guest appearances on Game is an impressive who’s-who of hard rock and metal veterans—Doug Aldrich (Dio / Whitesnake), Simon Wright (Dio / AC/DC), t [Continue reading on Metal Review]

Written by: Jeremy Witt

© 2008 Metal Review

White Wizzard – High Speed GTO

There was a period back in March where I hated my job and was extremely bored of my life. The only thing that would cheer me between a pointless slug at the office and an empty house in the suburbs was listening to a track called “High Speed GTO” by some newbie metal band from L.A. called White Wizzard, featured on a CD sampler from Metal Hammer magazine. I’d get the track in about five times before I got home and for those twenty minutes I was never happier. I’d make sure adjacent cars at traffic lights would see me air-drumming and singing like I wanted rid of my arms and vocal chords forever. I’d point at on-coming cars at the appropriate moments too; always aware of the fact I was�actually driving a rusty piece of shit, but that didn’t matter.

Then I saw the promo video for the song and was just about decapitated by my own grin. It was identical to how my friend and myself always mused Jorne Lande’s “Sunset Station” video sh [Continue reading on Metal Review]

Written by: Ross Main

© 2008 Metal Review

Absolute punk: siste fem saker

Stop Trying to Get Shia Arrested for Statutory – Wed, 24 Jun 2009
Selena Gomez is trying to hook (http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/marc_malkin/b130760_selena_gomez_plays_matchmaker_taylor.html) J.Cook (*Forever the Sickest Kids* (http://www.absolutepunk.net/foreverthesickestkids)) up with Taylor Swift. It’s worth reading the article just for this picture…

The Aquabats’ Skankdown – Wed, 24 Jun 2009
An interesting tale about *The Aquabats* (http://www.absolutepunk.net/theaquabats) actions at the Downtown Skankdown can be read here (http://www.communityrecords.org/news/?p=947). From The Aquabats there was no such compassion. No friendship between fellow musicians. They simply packed up their…

AFI Video Interview – Wed, 24 Jun 2009
A video interview with Davey Havok concerning the new *AFI* (http://www.absolutepunk.net/afi) album can be found in the replies. Submitted by ligers

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A user believes he has figured out (http://www.absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?p=46333661&posted=1#post46333661) the hidden messages in the latest *Dear Hunter* (http://www.absolutepunk.net/dearhunter) album. Submitted by Fury15

Jonas Brothers Go to Number 1 – Wed, 24 Jun 2009
Jonas Brothers hit #1 on the charts (http://feedproxy.google.com/%7Er/BillboardNews-Daily/%7E3/-hybirx1L4M/jonas-brothers-debut-atop-billboard-200-1003987126.story) with 247,000 copies sold last week.

Metal Sucks: siste 10 saker

Sweden’s Bergraven fit under the black metal umbrella just at the edge, enough to keep part of its shoulder dry while the rest is soaked with outside influence. And while 2007’s Dödsvisioner fooled around with the genre enough to warrant attention (and not to mention make a great, complex, dense metal record), the band’s followup […]

FEAR VS. FACTORY, ROUNDS 3 & 4 – Wed, 24 Jun 2009
“Will someone please tell Dino that his lunch has arrived?” Holy shit. This is officially my favorite feud of the year. So. To begin: I’m tired of constantly “summing up” the story thus far, so if for some reason you haven’t been following this whole Fear Factory debacle, you can catch up by reading this and this. Now. […]

Suffocation’s new album, Blood Oath, is streaming here. Our own David Bee Roth called it “the best death metal record released this year,” so ya best check it out. Nuclear Blast will release the album July 7. And don’t forget that Suffocation are one of the headliners on this year’s edition of Summer Slaughter, which […]

Back in March I bitched that this year’s Progressive Nation lineup — featuring Pain of Salvation, Beardfish, and Zappa Plays Zappa supporting Dream Theater — was decidedly less metal than last year’s lineup (which featured 3, BTBAM, and Opeth supporting DT — killer show) and wasn’t worth the price of admission to anyone under 50. […]

#10: OPETH – GHOST REVERIES – Tue, 23 Jun 2009
SPECIAL GUEST BLOGGER FREDDY CAI OF PAINKILLER MAGAZINE We recently polled a wide array of musicians, managers, publicists, label reps, and writers from within the world of metal to find out what they thought the 21 Best Metal Albums of the 21st Century So Far have been. Eligible albums were released between January 1, 2000 and  […]

In the classic comic book tradition, “What If…” stories were ones that existed outside of the Marvel Universe. Consider this then: WHAT IF… THE MISFITS HAD BEEN A FOLK BAND? Here’s your answer: If you like what you hear, you can buy Scream With Me, Pajo’s LP+CD of Misfits covers, via Black Tent Press. -GS RELATED POSTS: WOULD YOU […]

Shinedown’s Brent Smith posing right after someone yelled “Look like a douche bag!” I wouldn’t be shocked if Soundgarden reunited. Everyone else is doing it; Chris Cornell needs to try and get his street cred back; I’m sure Kim Thayil could use a paycheck; and then there was that whole Tadgarden thing. In fact, I’d imagine […]

Also quickly: Metal Inquisition’s Sergeant D has started new blog, Stuff You Will Hate, where he will discuss – duh – “horrible shit that I like… that doesn’t have much to do with metal.” His inaugural post is on a crunkcore group called Scene Kidz and, he’s right, I fucking hate them. Still, the Sarge is […]

I fucking hate, hate, hate, loathe, despise, cannot stand, am sickened by, hate Five Finger Death Punch. Hate ‘em. The best description I ever heard of their “music” came from Dallas Coyle, who called them “nu-metalcore.” Except I’m not sure if that’s fair to either nu-metal or metalcore. Anyway, our friends at Metal Insider have an […]

The Ghostbusters video game is just meh, and the dudes who are writing Ghostbusters 3 also wrote Year One, which means – no shock here – Ghostbusters 3 will probably suck. But at least we have ridiculous mash-ups like this to keep our love of Dr. Peter Venkman and company alive! -AR [via Topless Robot] RELATED POSTS: IF YOU NEVER […]

Metal Injection: siste fem saker

Best Craigslist Music Ad Ever? – Tue, 23 Jun 2009
All interested parties should apply here.

New Live Footage of TORCHE and FROM MONUMENTS TO MASSES posted – Tue, 23 Jun 2009
TORCHE – Rockit / Fat Waves Live Above you will find one of two clips we posted of Atlanta rockers TORCHE (second, instrumental clip here). This band is awesome. If you are into poppy sludgy rock, TORCHE is the band for you. For more poppy stuff, pick up their new CD, Meanderthal but for the sludge, […]

DAATH have weird fans – Tue, 23 Jun 2009
Inspired by a track off of Atlanta purp-metal act DAATH’s latest release, The Consealers (our review here), Russian comrad Burlaka Nikolai created this little diddy of a video. At first you think why am I watching this and then you find yourself asking why am I so disturbed at images of a doll? Amirite? For […]

BLACKENEDFEST Guest Blog: An Exposé on Chronic Around the US – Tue, 23 Jun 2009
Blackenedfest guest blogger Chuck spent 20 days on the Cephalic Carnage bus. Buddy here knows his bud and took the time out to share with the universe his daily smoking experiences and clues you in on what the ganj life is like on the road. I present to you the blog we have all been […]

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE’s new self-titled album streaming in full – Tue, 23 Jun 2009
That blast of soaring, melodic metalcore you’re hearing from your roommate’s computer today is most likely KILLSWITCH ENGAGE’s self-titled newest, which is streaming here on the band’s social networking site, a week before it tackles various rekkid chains. As previously mentioned, we’re giving away free tickets to see Killswitch along with SLAYER, MARILYN MANSON, CANNIBAL […]

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